Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age In between 20s and 30s
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.84 m
Weight Unknown


Driver has three jobs, one being his coverup, one being his real job, and one being his "dream" job. His coverup is working for Shannon, although it is sorta a real job, too. His real job is driving stunt cars for movies. His "Dream" job is driving criminals. 



Info Edit

The Driver had a heist work out, then met a neighbor named Irene, as they begin hanging out, he meets her husband, Standard when he returns form jail. He helped Standard get money to pay off a crook, Cook. Standard is shot and Driver threatens their accomplice, Blanche when he finds out their was more money in the bag - which they got - than planned. She is killed and he is wounded, but kills the two men hired by Cook.

Driver is ready to attack


Driver attacks Cook over money issue

He then threatens Cook in a strip club, where he finds out it is Nino who had the money plan all along. He kills Bernie Rose and Nino and lives on today, it is unknown if he left to a different town or not after the death or Bernie Rose, because he did take the time to call Irene and tell her she's the best thing to happen to him.